Tuesday, November 09, 2010

it's all about perspective

This Guanacaste tree is just one of the many in this area.  There is a  Guanacaste National Park here just outside the city of Belmopan not far from Roaring Creek village.  We have not made it over to the park yet but we have seen from the street that there are a number of trees down from Hurricane Richard.   

This particular tree is near Pastor Jose and Carla's house out in Ontario.  We enjoyed spending the day with them last Sunday.  The exact age of this tree is not known but they think it is over a 100 years old.

Sunday evening at church we watched the Indescribable video of a teaching by Louie Giglio.  He uses photos from the Hubble telescope to give glimpses of the greatness of God and vastness of the universe that He holds in His hand.

Watching that video reminded me of this photo.  Standing in front of that Guanacaste tree gave me perspective on my place in the universe.  It is hard to feel full of one's self when faced with such a majestic piece of God's creation. 

And yet as small as we are He cares for us.  For that I am truly grateful.


  1. What an awesome picture. That tree looks beautiful it almost doesn't look real. God's handiwork is so marvelous!

  2. I agree with you...His handiwork is marvelous indeed!!

  3. Speaking of small...You sure are thin.
    So, what are the biggest differences in cultures? Russia and Bleize?

  4. OldQueen... the biggest differences are the temperature, the foods and the skin colors of the people.

    And here it is okay to be open about being a missionary.

    Thanks for the compliment... I don't feel thin. I am a size 12. In Russia I never could find clothes big enough for me.