Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Haven

Last night was our first meeting on the new night.  We were not sure how people were going to respond.  The regular Wednesday service started at 7:30 and we were scheduled to start at 7.   Many of the people who attend the church are children.  They seemed to be the only ones not affected by the time change.  They were ready to go when the church van honked in front of their houses.

But, as it always happens the people who needed to be there were there.  We ended up with 9 adults in our meeting.   We had a great worship time as a large group, then the kids were dismissed to Children's church, while Tom taught the adults about how our emotional maturity affects our spiritual maturity, and then we had our small group time.  The sharing went well... it was great to witness people opening up and truly being vulnerable with their sharing.

We are not in this for the numbers.  Our desire is to see people get healthy and whole so they can grow in their relationships with God.

Keep us in your prayers... we truly appreciate them and need them!

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