Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let there be Light...

Last night Tom was scheduled to speak at a little church in a village not far from where we live.  When we got there the place was completely dark.  After a few phone calls and text messages with the pastor who was out of town we had almost decided to cancel the service...but there were 3 mothers and 9 children who decided they wanted to have church.

One of the mothers sent her little one to get the key to the building and while he was gone another woman came by and said that the reason there was no church was that there was no electricity.  Well, that didn't seem to bother the ones who wanted a service.  They were positive that there were candles in the building.

After retrieving the key, getting inside and making an exhaustive search for candles with no luck...we ended up having a very short service in the dark.  Tom opened up with prayer and then asked the kids if they knew any songs we could sing.  The kids were pretty excited to be included in the service and sang Jesus Loves the Little Children and If You're Happy and You Know It loudly and with lots of gusto.

Following the songs Tom read a passage of scripture and then did a short devotional on the passage.  He asked people for feedback and several of the children chimed in with great answers.  We sang one more song, closed with prayer and promised to come again next week.

It was our first time being in a service completely in the dark.  And on the drive home I realized how beautiful and impactful that simple time of fellowship was.  Not having electricity didn't seem to phase anyone.  There are families here who live without it.  Electricity is expensive and from time to time it goes out for a whole section of town for a few hours.

But last night The Light showed up and filled the church with love...and isn't that how it's supposed to be?!  


  1. just goes to show that worship is so much important than something like no electricity! Over here we complain when the air conditioning is too high!

  2. True...worship is so much more important!

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Oh my how wonderful that you did that :) the light of god shined in that dark church that night :)

  4. It sounds absolutely wonderful Alida... God doesn't need electricity for His light to shine!


    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Oh how wonderful to read this! Such a beautiful way to put it "the Light showed up and filled the church with love."

  6. That's lovely. Like our Christmas Eve service at chuch when all the lights are turned out and we sing Silent Night and then hold lighted candles up. A whole service in the dark. A metaphor for faith--yes?

  7. "But last night The Light showed up and filled the church with love...and isn't that how it's supposed to be?!" Beautiful!