Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrating two years in Belize!

Two years ago, on the 6th of September, we arrived in Belize.  From February until September of 2010 we lived out of suitcases.  We spent February through early May in Istanbul, Turkey waiting on our Russian visas.  We made it back to Krasnodar, Russia just in time for Tom to walk Olga down the aisle at her wedding on my birthday.  Then we had to pack up, sell our apartment, and say our goodbyes before leaving in July.  We traveled throughout various states in the USA as we reconnected with family and friends after five years in Russia.  We said goodbye to Spencer as he left for the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii.

It was wonderful to arrive in Belize and immediately feel as if we had finally come home.  Home to a place we had never been.  But at that point in our lives...home was where our suitcases were.

Thinking back on that first taxi ride from the airport outside of Belize City all the way to Belmopan I remember Tom trying to bargain with the guy the same way I used to haggle with Russian cab drivers over the fare.  The disadvantage was not understanding just how far he had to go and not knowing the high cost of gas.  It turned out that we paid a fair price...and I am grateful for that cabbie's integrity with not taking advantage of us like he could have.
And it was funny that just like so many of the Russian cab drivers we rode with...this man immediately drove to a gas station to get enough for the trip before getting on the road!

We drove so fast all I could manage to snap were blurry photos of all the trees along the way.  He pointed out a few landmarks and told us about the devastation Hurricane Hattie caused so many years ago.  We were enthralled with the lush green countryside and the modest homes made of wood or cement that dot the landscape along Western Highway

Tom got us checked in at the Bull Frog Inn and we very pleased to find a simple but comfortable room equipped with amenities we dearly appreciated... namely air conditioning, WiFi, and a clean bathroom!!

We had no idea that we were arriving during September Celebrations.  This time of year there are many events  throughout the country as they count down the days until Belize's Independence Day later this month.  We saw from the beginning the pride that Belizeans have in their country.  Today is a holiday celebrating the 214th Anniversary of the battle of St George's Caye when the settlers here in Belize successfully battled against Spanish invaders.

 We are grateful that God brought us to Belize and look forward to however many years He grants us here!


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Congratulations! May God continue to bless your ministry!

  2. Congratulations on two years in Belize! That's a landmark!