Wednesday, September 19, 2012

thought for today...Shout, Rejoice, Sing!

His comfort and compassion are indeed worthy of praise!

I suffered through sadness and grief this week over the discovery of yet ANOTHER vital item that was among the boxes we lost in our move from Russia to Belize.  I am grateful that God's compassion has kept me from feeling the weight of the losses all at once.

There are days when I don't even think about it, days when that is all I think about, and then moments like Monday when it slaps me in the face out of the blue.  As I breathe in deeply and hold my head up and try to move on...I realize that it still stings. 

Only His comfort and compassion help me through the inconsolable times.  

Today I choose to appreciate all that God has done and the numerous lessons we received from the loss of those 34 boxes.  Right now I can gaze upon the setting sun, be comforted by the cooling breeze, and breathe out my gratitude for His compassion.  

And and in this moment...
 I can shout with the heavens, 
rejoice with the earth, 
and sing with the mountains
about the goodness of the LORD!

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  1. Such an aweful feeling being violated like many things that would have reminded you of the home you shared with your family all those years..and those practical have that taken away without your choice, after giving up so much to be with those people...Big big hugs and prayers Alida So glad God is already comforting you!!!You are such a sweetheart !!

    1. Thank you Marian! It comes and goes in stages. And I am grateful that God is holding my hand through all of the grief. I appreciate the new memories we are collecting and for the beautiful items that you and Meesha have added to our home!

  2. I'm so sorry about what you've lost, but am inspired by your willingness to choose joy and gratitude. You mentor with your words here, Alida.

  3. Oh Alida, I'm so sorry! God has kept me on the move for several years and I've got several items I can't find or can't put my hands on so I know a bit of what you are feeling. It sounds like these were much more special than most of my missing things tho. And it sounds like you are being so blessed by HIm in the midst of all this, as I have been. What a joy, isn't it, as He continues to teach us to "hold all things loosely" while He prepares us for our special home with NO MORE TEARS or sadness! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!! Praying for you for continued comfort.

    1. It is always good to see the blessings of God inspite of the lose. Bless you sister Alida!

    2. Praying He comes quickly... these lessons are wearing me out! But, I truly am grateful that we have our memories even though all our mementos are gone. He has shown us the good in the midst of all the pain.

  4. Oh, Dear, I'm so sorry. Your WFW is just gorgeous. Blessings ~