Thursday, October 04, 2007

crossed that job off my list!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I didn't go to school today because I felt like today was my deadline for getting my talk written for Sunday. I don't normally write out what I am going to say word for word... but when you have to use a translator it is best to know exactly where you are going in your talk so that you don't miss any points or forget what you were saying while you are waiting for the translator to finish speaking. I was able to get it all typed up and proof read by Tom so I am all set.

Tom was in class by himself today and he thought it ws the best class he has ever had! I understand how he feels... the fewer people in class the less time the class period lasts. Three or more people is three hours, two people is two hours and one person is an hour and a half. Jason has been busy this week with a new baby, Spencer was tired and needed a break and I needed to get my work done so Tom had the teacher all to himself!

Tomorrow our school is taking a trip to the mountains and we will be gone from 8am to about 9pm. We will take the camera and should have some beautiful photos to share when we get back!

On Saturday the women of the church are getting together to hear Linda speak on getting a MOPS group started at our church. Please pray for us as we see a great need here in our region to sevre the young mothers here. We see so many of them out pushing strollers everyday!

On Sunday we are headed out to Artirka for Vika's birthday and for me to speak at a group that Tania started. It is a secular group so I am not doing a "churchy" talk. I am speaking on codependency. I have laid out the talk so that it will hopefully lead to starting an Al-Anon meeting out there. We thought this had happened while we were in the States but we think they were waiting for us to come out and do some teaching on the need for the group before it actually begins.

Tom is preparing a series of 8 lessons to help get our church ready for serving the recovering comuunity in this area. He talked with Valodia and shared his ideas with Alexei and it looks like everyone is excited to get this going.

For Tom and I the things we have scheduled are the result of the work we have been doing to build relationships and learn this language, all the ideas we had before we came here are becoming reality!


  1. My pastor shares a story of working with a translator and not getting his message across. The translator stopped in the middle and asked for clarification.

  2. Be well
    Be embraced
    Lord Bless your efforts every one.

  3. Don't we all love that one-on-one attention? Awww...heaven!