Friday, December 10, 2010

the joys of going to the Post Office

I have noticed that mail here only gets delivered once a week or so.  We don't see the postal carrier coming by everyday like in the States.  It seems as if they save up the mail and deliver once a week or maybe even bi-weekly.  We have heard that people just get in the habit of going over to the post office to see if there is anything for them.

I stopped by one day last week as I was on my way home from the market.  There just happened to be two boxes and a letter there for us.  The boxes had just arrived and had not yet been officially checked in.  The postal worker proceeded to open the boxes right in front of me.  I was shocked.  It felt like such a violation.  I didn't want to watch my packages being opened by someone else.  I at least wanted the illusion that I was the first person to open them after their arrival here in Belize.

One of the boxes held Christmas ornaments sent to me by a friend and the other contained spices sent to me by my mother in law.

I was excited to see the spices but the postal worker was not.  He went to consult his supervisor... they looked over the spaghetti seasoning with great scrutiny.  Apparently, you have to have a permit to bring herbs into the country.  I was told I could have them 'this time' but next time they would be confiscated.  I couldn't believe that a jar of spices could be a cause for concern. 

Looking back I am glad that the package was opened in front of me... I doubt that my herbs would have stayed in the box otherwise.  And I can just imagine the pasta party they might have held without my knowledge!


  1. I'm sure you're right, probably was best that you were present when the packages were opened! I spent six weeks in China during the summer of 2004 and never knew my family sent me anything until after I returned home and they asked how I liked the Coffee and

  2. wow that is so crazy but at least they let you keep them this frustrating...! enjoy those spices:) and the weekend friend!

  3. Its funny how we appreciate the little things when they are not so available. We lived on an island for about a year and it was fun but strange learning to use other things.

    Following you from the over 40 blog hop. Hope to see you around.

  4. Haha - I can only imagine what they would have done at a U.S. post office! The package probably would never have made it through customs. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting earlier!

  5. Lucky you were there! It is amazing how you miss little things when you live in another country.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. That is funny. I wonder if they thought the Italian seasoning was another kind of weed! We got a care package last year that had oregano in a plastic baggy! Looked a little suspicious!
    We have had all kinds of boxes go missing here in China. It makes me mad!

  7. thanks for stopping by everyone!

    So far we have two boxes and one package that are unaccounted for that we know left the States back in October... it does frustrate me. We only had one package go missing in Russia during the five years we were there.

  8. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I''m doing the blog hop and was so excited to stumble on your blog. My cousin is student teaching in Belize. When she comes back to the states I will have to share your blog with her.

  9. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Wow, the things we take for granted here in the States...I'm glad they let you keep them though. Looks like you can make some yummy dishes with those! :-)

  10. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Hello! From Russia to Belize? What lovely adventures you must have. Stopping by from weekend wander blog hop. Look forward to coming back and spen ding some time reading!take care-Amy