Friday, January 14, 2011

one good thing...

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I don't see myself as the one doing for others.  I usually see myself as Tom's helper.  He does the work and I help and support him.  In the past when I thought about what I wanted to do for others it usually revolved around my kids or what someone else thought needed to be done.  

Well, kids are grown and off on their own adventures in the world.  And I have time to figure out where I want to serve.  I became interested in helping out in the public school here in Belmopan.  There are four government schools here in the city and they ask volunteers from each of the various faith traditions in the community to come in and teach a religion class twice a week.  Yesterday was my first time.  I had 30 children from grade Standard Four (ages 9-10) who are all classified as coming from evangelical families.  For my first class we just sang songs and got acquainted with one another.  

Each child stood to tell me their name.  And each time they answered a question they stood up to respond.  The level of discipline and respect was amazing to me.  I had them each tell me one good thing that had happen to them this week.  But I asked them to share it using the phrase "I feel blessed because..."  To hear from each and every child that they felt blessed because they had a kind mother, or passed a test, or played soccer with a friend was such a joy. 

If I had to tell you one good thing that happened to me this week I would have to say...

I feel blessed because 30 children touched my heart and filled it to overflowing with joy!


  1. How sweet! I can just see and hear their little voices. It really is amazing how well behaved and respectful children overseas are. How very interesting that they allow outsiders to come in and teach religion, of all things! Unheard of here in the states! One of my favorite things to do when I was a musical missionary were school concerts. The kids were always great...little sponges!

  2. What a neat way for you to minister. And the kids sound sweet!

  3. Anonymous12:52 PM

    I feel blessed for all the new people I've met in blogville.

  4. I feel blessed because.... What a great sentence to finish! Especially for children! In my family we used to have gratitude or appreciation dinners. At dinner each person would say something that they appreciated about everyone else at the table. Focusing on our blessings and appreciation was a great way to refocus away from complaintes and grudges. I'm going to use this today. I feel blessed because... I read your post today!

  5. I think that is one very good thing. I smiled. It blessed me.

    Thank you - well done!

  6. That's so wonderful. I like the way you had them say "I feel blessed because" and I love how God blessed your heart to serve! Happy Friday :)

  7. What a sweet post! I feel blessed having read it. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. This post touched me for a couple of reasons. I like what you said about feeling like "Toms helper." My husband is a leader in our church and sometimes I feel like I don't do enough- like I am working towards getting to heaven by hanging "onto his coat tails" as the phrase goes. I have to remind myself constantly of the goals I have for serving others and I love that you have done this here. It sounds like you are a great teacher for these kids. I feel blessed for examples like you in my life that make me want to be better just by reading your words.

  9. Alida, it's tara from Undeserving Grace and I wanted tell you how encouraging your blog is to me! I know I think it many times but I am reading it in google reader and do not let you know I'm thinking it. So I wanted to take a minute to let you know. I also looked for an email to contact you to ask what the status was for you purchasing a vehicle? I added you to my list to pray for all week and I don't just pray to be praying so if you didn't receive I'm going to keep praying b/c you will in His time. I'm thankful you shared the prayer request and allowed the opportunity to be a part of your blessing.
    have an awesome week ahead filled with God's love and grace,

  10. They are blessed to be a you and now *through* you to us. Thank you, Alida!

  11. Thank you all... I am truly looking forward to more of what God wants me to learn through my time with these children.

    I feel blessed and strengthened by your encouragement!