Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Today's recipe comes from the Kriol Kalinda (Creole Calendar).  Kriol is one of the main languages spoken here in Belize.  Although some consider it broken or lazy English, it does have its own set of grammar and spelling rules.  The National Council of Kriol has been diligently working to promote the language and culture of Belize and one of their projects is this calendar.  This year it features a monthly recipe for stewing favorite meats.

Schoo Givnat (Stewed Gibnut)
1/4 er 1/2 a wan gibnat (bowt 3 pong)
1/8 kop vineega er di joos a 2 laim
1 teespoon seezn saal
3 plog gyaalik, chap op; er 1 teespoon jrai gyaalik
1/2 teespoon blak pepa
1/2 teespoon taim
1 tayblspoon saiz rikaado
1 tayblspoon Lea ‘n Perrins saas
1 meedyom oanyan, slais op
1 meedyom sweet pepa, slais op
1/8 kop vejitabl, kuhoon er kuknat ail

How fu mek it: Wash meet wid vineega er laim. Kot op di meet eena di saiz porshan weh yu waahn. Jrayn di meet gud gud. Miks op aal di seeznin dehn lang wid di saas sotay yu ga wahn wet amonk. Rob dat op gud-wan pahn di meet. Den set di meet wan said fu soak dong wahn lee owa self; oavanait eena frij gud tu (di langa di beta). Heet ail eena yu pan. Ad di meet. Ton dong heet tu meedyom. Brayz fu 30 – 40 minits; ad 1/3 kop waata evri now ahn den wen di meet jrai owt, sotay ih tenda. Kova di pat meentaim if yu waahn ih moa tenda. Yu ku ad di vejitablz fahn di taim yu staat tu brayz if yu waahn dehn saafi saafi, er wayt sotay now fu ad di vejitablz if yu waahn dehn moa ferm. Ad lee moa waata ahn kuk dong tu ail. Serv wid blak-aiy peez ahn rais, bayk plaantin ahn pitayta salad.

givnat (variant: gibnat; bush rat): gibnut (also called ‘paca’); species of large rodent, highly prized as a game meat in Belize. It got the name Raiyal (Royal) Rat because Queen Elizabeth was served gibnut when she visited Belize. If you don't have a gibnut, this recipe will work well with rabbit.

Although I have been told that the gibnut tastes like chicken I don't think I will be trying this recipe anytime soon... not even with rabbit. But if you are an adventurous soul and decide to give it a try, let me know how it tastes!!


  1. Looks interesting... I'd need to interpret the ingredients :)Blessings!

  2. Haha, this is great. Makes me feel like I am back in Louisiana with all that Creole talk! Although, I am a bit weary of the recipe :)

  3. Oh mylanta, what an interesting language- I have never heard of that! I think I will Youtube it so I can hear what it sounds like!

  4. Sounds like something Shrek would eat! But I think he ate Swamp rat, and not bush rat. Probably would work just as well, lol!

    So are you fluent in Kriole yet? :)

  5. I wish I was fluent in Creole... it would make some conversations in the market so much easier!!

  6. I wish I was fluent in Creole... it would make some conversations in the market so much easier!!