Thursday, June 02, 2011

5 Stress Relievers for the International Traveler

Yesterday I traveled from Belize to the U.S.   I had never been to the international side at the Dallas airport before and I must say that I was quite impressed with how quickly I passed through passport control.  There must have been around five flights or so that they had to clear and it went very smoothly.

Anyhow, I was looking around and noticed a lot of stressed out people.  People on their phones, talking about making connections and looking overwhelmed.  It made me realize that with all of the international travel we have done I have learned a few things beyond the obvious ones like: , pack light, don't check any bags if you can avoid it, and don't buy tickets with tight connections.

 Alida's Stress Relievers: 
1.  Remember... this too shall pass.  Not everything is worth getting upset over.  Take a few deep breaths.  Close your eyes for a few seconds and rethink the situation.

2.  Allow humor to be your traveling companion. Laughter is a great stress reliever.

3.  Be open to learning a new way of doing things.  Be humble, teachable and flexible.

4.  Bring a good book, your favorite music or a few magazines and take some time to mentally escape from whatever drama may be going on around you.

5.  Interest yourself in the other travelers.  Count the number of languages you hear around you.  If you are bored with waiting make up stories about the more interesting characters to entertain yourself with.

I hope that when you take your next trip or your first you will think of these and smile.  And to all my fellow travelers...what do you do to relieve stress at the airport?


  1. Enjoy your time in the States.

    I always travel with good snacks, in case I get stuck on a plane. And some bottled water.


  2. Alida! I adore you! You know? Those were five helpful hints that I REALLY needed to hear right here at home. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and I think I'll write those down and try to a little more "de-stressing" right here within my own four walls. :)

  3. These are good tips! I probably won't be traveling internationally for a while again, but I will keep these in mind for next time. :)

  4. This is right up my alley! :) I love internat'l travel. You have offered good tips.

    I love doing puzzles. Crossword, cryptograms, that sort of thing. Passes the time very well.

    When our family went to Mexico last summer, I tried to keep our 6 year old occupied. We went for walks in the terminal, (plus it's good exercise) she brought her electronic games...and on the plane we looked out the window a lot, and made "barf bag buddies", puppets out of the barf baggies.

    I kept on hand my trusty bottle of Rescue Remedy, a stress relief made by Bach Flower remedies. A few drops under the tongue does the trick! (Just google it).

    And everything you said.

  5. Great tips Alida! I generally avoid flying, but when I have to next time I'll try to remember your list!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Having traveled so much that at one point I had accordian pages pasted in my passport, I can attest to the wisdom of all your tips. I didn't always employ them, but my travels would have been much less stressful if I had!

  7. To relieve stress when traveling I always prepare my mind ahead of time. I try to dress cute and comfortable, and I expect delays. I never understand why travelers get upset when they have to wait in the security line. I always have something to read. Every once in awhile I get annoyed when traveling, but for the most part I enjoy people watching and airport strolling.

    I haven't traveled internationally in quite awhile, but I am supposed to be going to Haiti next month. I'm nervous and excited because I'll also be taking my children.

    So where in the US are you now? If you're near me then IM me or something so we can get together. :-)

  8. Thanks for your tips, I know lots of people will benefit it on their travel.

  9. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Great advice, loving your blog! passing by from FTLOB. :)

  10. I know this all too well! I travel internationally a couple times a year with my kids. Great tips!

  11. Have not traveled internationally.

    I am following you via FNF blog hop. Following you on GFC,FB(pending),Tweeter and NWB. Stop by and visit and join what you like.

  12. Great tips Alida! Thanks for sharing.