Thursday, October 20, 2011

United Missions for Belize

Yesterday Tom, Spencer and I went to a meeting out at Jaguar Creek Ministries for a gathering of missionaries in our area.  United Missions for Belize is a newly formed network of missionaries who are seeking to partner with one another to pray for, support and keep each other up to date on what work is being done here in the Cayo District.

A few of those in the group initially came together to share tools and resources after Hurricane Richard last year.  Out of those relationships the impetus to unite missionaries in the area was born.  Our first meeting was back in January of this year.  Yesterday was our third meeting and those of us in attendance are just a small representation of the many foreign aid workers and missionaries in Belize.

We took time out to tour the Jaguar Creek facility

The gardens at Jaguar Creek are a butterfly haven

The dining area was beautiful and the food was great!

The room for our meeting was large enough to accommodate 
everyone very comfortably around the tables.

We heard some great things from everyone as they shared about what they are doing and we made contacts with others who have similar interests as we do with our work at the Child Development Foundation.  

In attendance was a couple who work to make sure people in the villages have access to clean water and good latrines.  Several people described their work with children from health and hygiene to finding scholarships for them to attend school. There were church planters, carpenters, nurses, teachers, and a hospital administrator...all here to use their gifts and share His love with everyone who crosses their path. 

Please keep us all in your prayers as this network grows in numbers and in ministry efforts...thank you!


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    How amazing!! I will continue to send up prayers :)

  2. The dining room and the meeting room look like they are in paradise. Lovely.

  3. It sounds like a Blessed gathering indeed Alida! :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. Beautiful. Being new around here it is neat to learn what you are doing in Belize.