Friday, October 21, 2011

What's in the news in Belize?

As I was reading the news online last week I came across a story that is absolutely disgusting to me.  It involves a missionary accused of sodomizing three brothers who is currently in prison awaiting trial.

The organization we work with here in Belize is fighting to eradicate the exploitation of children. Most of the people who come into our counseling office have been sexually abused.  We have been in the schools here in our area teaching the little ones to Yell and Tell.  We have been in the high schools speaking about purity and sexual exploitation.  Not long ago we were in the area about 40 miles from where this missionary was working.  CDF held a National Youth Rally and we had over 120 youth come out to hear about sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and purity.  This case is one of exploitation.  This man was providing for the family and was in turn exploiting the three boys.

We have heard about girls being abused but girls are not the only victims.  Boys are being violated as well.  Boys are vulnerable here because of the lack of father figures in the homes.  Men leave to go find work in the U.S. or have other families and then abandon one family to start another.  It is sad.  There are men who are standing up and we are excited about that.

I tried to find more information about this person.  I found a Facebook page and a few words here and there  online about his work.  According to his Facebook page this missionary had a heart for the teens he found here in Belize:
Belize churches are in trouble. So many teens are spiritual orphans. Churches here are weak and stability and unity are not their strengths. Most pastors have no spiritual covering, accountability or training. Another missionary from Nicaragua and I have declared it our mission to share the doctrine of spiritual paternity and our visions are so equal it is amazing. God is going to do great things in the next few years here!
Such a stark contrast to what was written about him just a few years later...

It came to light on Saturday - and a doctor has since confirmed that they were sodomised. The man accused of the crime is Bryan Sears - a missionary who had been in the community for three years - and that's what makes the already hideous offence even more disturbing, that he used the cover of Christianity to gain the community's confidence and prey on three brothers.
I agree with the reporter that what makes this story truly appalling is this missionary using the cover of Christianity to prey on the spiritual orphans he felt called to serve.  He is now in Hattieville prison awaiting his next court date.

I realize that he has not been sentenced I should say allegedly and things like that.  I tried to write about this last week and was just too angry and appalled to put a coherent sentence together.  At first I wanted to write to the church he came from or send a Facebook message to his mother.  But, I didn't do either one.  I prayed and waited to see what would happen next.  Since then the story broke in his home state.  We have heard that he now has a lawyer and his next appearance in court is November 15th.

I pray for these young men and for the churches in the area.  I pray that there won't be an aversion to all Americans or all missionaries because of this.  And I pray that sexual abuse and sexual exploitation comes to  an end.


  1. I saw some millstones recently in an outdoor museum-makes that verse about it being better to have a millstone around your neck than lead a child astray very real. What a horrific story. Thank you for the work you are doing.

  2. yes thank you for the work that you are doing!! and i def wish i was in a nice warm Belize rather than the cold midwest...

  3. Ohhh Alida,This makes me angry and also thankful that you are there and you shared this! I will pray for these 3 boys and the furtherance of your mission work. It's appalling when someone who claims to be Christian and a missionary does something allegedly like this! Makes my heart sick!

    If I have your permission, may I link to this and share on my
    MISSIONS blog(not sure when or how but wanted to ask 1st in case)... came looking for your WFW but I'm glad I scrolled down through your beautiful M.O.M. photos and list of thanks to read this! Thank you!