Monday, May 28, 2012

Global Day of Prayer and other gifts...

Yesterday was the Global Day of Prayer and Belize held several services all across the country.  We attended the service held in Belmopan.  The service began just after 5pm and ended just before 9pm.  People from various denominations came together in the spirit of unity to pray for Belize.  The Honorable Simeon Lopez, mayor of Belmopan, welcomed the crowd gathered and then local pastors led us in prayers covering various topics.

There was a time for repentance, praise, thanksgiving and intercession.  We prayed for families, government, education, churches, and so much more.  We sang, we cried, and we bonded as a community over our mutual concerns for the city of Belmopan, the district of Cayo and the nation of Belize.  It was a joy and a privilege for us to participate.  It was Pentecost Sunday and we truly felt the spirit moving among us as we banded together in prayer.  

 As I think on all that God allowed us to experience this past week all I can do is continue counting His precious gifts with gratitude.

786. a Christian mayor who joins in with the community to pray.  

787. joining in with the hundreds gathered in the University of Belize gym.
788.  knowing that we were also united with all of those watching the service throughout Belize on PlusTV.

789.  a worship team made up of people from a variety of denominations.

790.  seeing members from our church represented and being active in this event.

Johnny led one of the prayer sessions

Terry worked hard with set up and take down.  His wife Samantha sang with the worship team.

Gifts from Tom's counseling class:
791.  we finished the third session with 14 students...the first year of training is complete!
792.  knowing that future counselors are being raised up in several different communities here in Belize.
793.  rejoicing with those who have completed 18 weeks of sacrificing their Saturday mornings...many of whom have full time jobs and families.

794.  Tom's faithfulness in preparing lessons

795.  finishing this semester's final exam

796.  Celebrating with a meal when it was all over!

Gifts from the week:
797.  time spent with Meesha and Spencer.
798.  feeling so blessed to have Meesha stay with us before moving onto the YWAM base.
799.  hearing a woman that I have been working with tell me the truth about her relapse.
800.  having another woman from the same village ask for counseling.
801.  beginning to make some progress in Spanish class.
802.  experiencing a Catholic mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe for the first time.
803.  the beauty and sacredness of rituals

804.  new life springing up in our yard

Gifts from the Word:
805.  He is close to us in our sorrow  Psalm 34:18
806.  He saves us when our spirits are crushed  Psalm 34: 18
807.  No matter how many troubles we have...He delivers us  Psalm 34:19
808.  We will not be condemned is we take refuge in Him  Psalm 34:22
809.  He is the strength of my heart  Psalm 73:26

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Alida, once again your gratitude shown not only in your words but with your photography is lovely!

  2. your gratitude prayers are always soo moving!