Friday, May 04, 2012

where there is smoke...

When we lived in California we used to lament about the four seasons there...mud slide, earthquake, fire and riot.   I guess you can call this is our second fire season here in Belize.

We saw this one burning in the distance as we drove home from Hattieville earlier this week:

As we drew closer this is the view we had of the fire:

This time last year I can remember flames licking at the edge of the asphalt as we drove on the highway bringing Nathan home from the airport.  Some of the fires are set on purpose as people clear their land.  Others are spontaneous...due to the heat.  There have been fires burning not just in Belize but throughout Central America.  

We pray the rainy season comes soon and that the fires here don't get out of control like they did last year.


  1. We wish you a safe fire season.

    1. Thank you. The smoke from the ones burning today is awful.

  2. Let it rain...let it rain! Here's hoping there won't be much of a dry season and some rainy days are ahead. Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

  3. Oh how scary, saying a prayer for a safe season!

  4. Fire can be terrifying and it can get out of control very quickly. It sounds like it is contained for now. Last year our state legislature banned deliberate blazing of our grass fields to help with a pollution problem in some areas of the state. Your photos are terrific. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  5. It's terrible the destruction fire causes, and scary! Great photos! Hope you stay safe.

  6. When there were forest fires near my cabin (not close enough to be dangerous, just close enough for lots of smoke), my eyes got so red and irritated. I thought about all the animals downwind of the fire like I was. I could get in my car and drive home and out of range of the smoke, but they were stuck there. Hope things stay safe for you!