Wednesday, May 23, 2012

thought for today...Rest is vital!

Are you weary or burdened?

There are so many burdens that threaten to overwhelm us.  So much pain and hurt is shared within the walls of our office.  The freedom to lay it all down and rest is priceless.  Tom is so much better at self care than I.

Like a two year old fighting sleep I struggle with rest.

Slowly, I am learning.  Investing time in the Word and in prayer lightens the load.  Recently I realized I was neglecting the vital to focus on the important.  I was doing more than I was being.  I was ignoring the invitation to rest.

May you rest in Him.  And with Him.  And on Him.
Rest is vital!

Do you choose the important over what is vital?

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  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Hi Alida - I too am in need of rest and feeling burnt out by life's 'stuff' Need to rest in His word
    God bless

  2. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Rest is so essential. I tend to run around way too much, I am learning to make pauses and recharge
    Stay well Alida.

  3. I am finding out during my pregnancy how important resting your
    body and mind is!!

  4. Ahhh ... Alida ...
    I'll be right down!
    (And I'll leave room on the swing!)

  5. I love rest! Sometimes, I like to wake up and stay in bed for awhile. I look out the window, I read something from the Bible or A Course in Miracles, I snuggle with the dog, I stretch and yawn. I get up so refreshed when I don't rush first thing.

  6. I actually sighed when I saw this photo. I am a BIG FAN of rest and it is SO important in our society to slow down and take a breath. Great post!

  7. I lean easily to doing and have to remember the importance of being.

  8. There is nothing more wonderful than resting in the life of Jesus... Amen!

  9. Amen, In him we live and move and have our being ! I need to remember , every day to start in his rest , then everything else will fall into it's place.Beautiful reminder!

  10. YES!
    as a certified instructor for self mgmnt of chronic illness, that is a DEFINITE!
    well and creatively said :) TY!

  11. I bet if we were sitting out on that pier we would be able to rest! Gorgeous photo!

  12. Amen! Sometimes I get sooo much done in a day then realize I forgot my soul food. In fact, I'll go read my Bible now. Thanks for this beautiful post.