Monday, August 27, 2012

more precious gifts...from ruts to rainbows!

         Gratitude is a healing force and the more we practice it...the more real it becomes in our lives.                                                                

Gratitude is not my first thought when I come to a rut in the road and yet the ruts and the rocks are a part of daily life.  Yesterday as I was walking I realized that each rut I walk around or step over makes me appreciate the paved roads and the smooth paths.  And as I recall the gifts throughout the week I can be grateful for the rough spots and the calm days.  Because I know that they both serve a help me to grow. 

And growth is a gift that I can add to my list...

911.  the path I walk each day and the sights I see along the way

912.  heading home with a sunset view

913.  following through with a commitment even when I don't want to
914.  how much calmer I feel when my walk is complete
915.  listening to songs recommended by Nathan and his friends
916.  leading worship at the CDF retreat

917.  enjoying the time with those who attended the retreat

918.  brainstorming ideas with the group
919.  everyone's voice being heard
920.  planning out the ministry year together

921.  the view from the mountain  top home where the retreat was held

922.  our little car having four wheel drive that allowed us to make it to the top.

923.  beauty in the skies after a brief rain fall

924. muffins decorated by a seven year old who wanted them to look pretty for us...

925.  finding old photos of Nathan and Spencer with a similar pose

926.  memories of Nathan and Spencer that bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart
927.  the blessing of family
928.  Pastor Dan's message of encouragement yesterday.
929.  lunch with Spencer and Meesha

930.  yesterday's rainbow
931.  acknowledging that life's lessons are in everything from ruts to rainbows...and all is part of His grace.
joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. Love your photos and reminders of gratitude...I have come to appreciate not like ruts in the road !!!

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I have to comment on your last picture:
    1. I have a similar picture of a rainbow on a gray day, but it was taken from the parking lot of my grocery store! Not my favorite place, and not beautiful... but rainbows make any place beautiful, and they light up even the grayest skies. Vestiges of my childhood pop up with the rainbows... suddenly I'm bouncing and oohing and ahhing. You can't help but stop what you're doing and stare for those few moments when a rainbow makes its brief ethereal appearance!

    2. The houses in that same picture are so colorful. I recently saw some pictures taken by another blogger on another island and the homes and shops were GORGEOUS colors! Why do we not do that here? When I stop to think about the muted grays, browns, and khakis of homes with ivory and black trims in my neighborhood, it makes me so frustrated! We actually have RULES about such things. But... How much more beautiful is life with a little (or a lot of) COLOR??? I love it that there are people who live in relative poverty (compared to the US suburbs) who decorate their life where they can. I find that inspiring.
    : )