Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tasty tuesday

Avocados and peppers

Yesterday I went over to meet with a friend and when I got there her husband told me that I could not leave without taking home some food.  They called the avocados "pears" and showed me their huge "pear" tree in the yard.  Then I was told not to use the pepper seeds but to take them outside and just sprinkle them around my yard and make sure that I water them.  

When I got home I made guacamole with one of the avocados that was ripe.  I can hardly wait until the rest of them are ready.  I have six huge ones.  I will also need to make a pepper sauce or use the peppers in salsa or something so that nothing they passed on to me goes to waste.  

Each time I try to bless this family they turn it around and bless me.  And I am awed by their generosity.

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