Monday, August 13, 2012

still counting the gifts...

We are back in Orange Walk Town to do the Anti-Trafficking seminar that was postponed last week due to Hurricane Ernesto.  Because of our time away and the hurricane scare I didn't post my gratitude list like I normally do last Monday.  It was not a matter of not having anything to be grateful was a matter of timing.  

God's gifts continue to grace our lives.  And I continue to write them down and give thanks...

869.  God's protection over Belize during this hurricane season.
870.  daily reading from One Day At A Time
871.  wisdom and insight from the book Not a Fan

872.  eating gluten free gets easier as the months go by.
873.  finding gluten free crackers at Reimers Health Food Store in Spanish Lookout

874.  swapping business cards and chatting with a young woman in San Pedro leading to a divine encounter with a survivor of child abuse in need of counseling.
875.  laughing with friends after a dinner party.
876.  being a part of a supportive expat community.
877.  being reminded by a courageous young woman that  "I'm not defined by the circumstances of my present." 
878.  time to read and reflect on the lessons God is providing.
879.  Tom finding a venue for an English speaking AA meeting here in Belmopan.
880.  safety while driving on the highways here in Belize.
881.  flowers blooming because of all the rain.
882.  two eggs in the nest outside our bedroom window.
883.  phone calls and text messages from our sons.
884.  watching our young men grow and mature.
885.  celebrating their successes with them.
886.  baking mistakes that turn into yummy treats.
887.  having such great coworkers at CDF.
888.  treasures that I can ponder in my heart.

889.  gratitude for the times He has carried me and for those times when He had to drag me for a while...

joining in with the gratitude community: