Monday, August 20, 2012

the gift of exercise...

I am shocked that I actually typed the words gift and exercise in the same sentence.  It hasn't always felt like a gift.  I used to say "I hate to sweat." I am still not thrilled with it.  But recently we saw a commercial where the tag line was "strong women sweat".  Tom is quick to remind me of this each time I make a comment about sweating.

Last Wednesday, because of a challenge issued by a friend, a group of us made the commitment to walk for thirty minutes a day for 100 days.  Today will be day six.  94 more days to go.  One day at a time is all that we are one day at a time is how this challenge has to be met.

I am grateful for the benefits that I have already received from walking everyday...and for many other gifts that God has blessed us with throughout the week!

890.  better quality of sleep
891.  time to unwind
892.  witnessing incredible sunsets
893.  seeing more of our neighbors and our neighborhood
894.  feeling more relaxed
895.  enjoying a sense of accomplishment each day
896.  feeling stronger

gifts from family time...
897.  time with Spencer
898.  time with Meesha

899.  finding a place to take Nathan next time he visits
Belize Iguana Project
900.  movie and popcorn night!
901.  time out on the back patio enjoying the breeze and conversation

gifts of ministry...
902.  an English speaking 12 step meeting here in Belmopan
903.  a teen that called on their own for counseling
904.  a local teacher telling us of the need for more training on how to spot trafficking here in Belize
905.  writing for the CDF blog
906.  tweeting for @cdfbelize
907.  seeing counseling clients make progress
908.  a supportive missionary community who are willing to refer to one another whenever possible
909.  Dan's message yesterday at church
910.  praying over a family who is leaving to go back to their home country of Taiwan

What are you grateful for?

joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. What a great challenge to walk for 100 days! I love my walking time every morning, definitely thankful for it.

    I'm also thankful for a few weeks of down time (sort of) to plan for home school before I start again with my kids.

  2. lovely to visit from Ann...I could do with that 100 day walk too!

  3. I recently read that many illness can be overcome simply my walking regularly. Thanks for sharing your blessings, Gail

  4. Good for you, Alida, on walking! Funny, I wrote about hiking today :) I have found I sleep better when I exercise. You made me laugh with your "sweat" comment...I can relate :)


  5. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I was doing so well walking... then took a few days off... then a few weeks... and tonight I was finally back on the sidewalks again! Not only that, but today I began my own form of a gratitude journal, and it's sitting right now on my desk. So... How timely to come across your blog and this post! I love the quote. It's so very true!

    I also read your post on "how to pray." Simply love those simple directions. With two teenage daughters (and a 10 year old son), this mama-heart will surely remember you and your work in my prayers this week. May God bless the work of your hands.