Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Thought for old sin

Human trafficking is an old sin.  Perhaps that is why it is so insidious that it has grown into such a huge business that reaches around the globe.  Whether you live in Wichita, Kansas, Cambodia, or Belize, it could be happening in your neighborhood.  There are places in this world where family members sell other family members for financial gain.  Just like Joseph's brothers did.  

The solution to eradicating this evil is a spiritual one.  And it's something we can all do.  Pray.  

We need to pray for perpetrators to come to understand the full value and worth of human life.  We need to pray that advocates step forward to make reports when they suspect trafficking.  We need to teach children and adults to question a job opportunity that sounds too good to be true.  We need to create awareness of what trafficking looks like where each of us live.  And we all need to stand against it in prayer to bring it to an end.  

Next week Tom will facilitate an Anti-Trafficking Seminar for 50 teachers in the Northern part of Belize.  Six different facilitators will span out across the country on August 6th to educate a total of 300 teachers on this topic.  Please pray for the facilitators and for those of us who will help behind the scenes to make these sessions possible.  

We pray that lives will be changed and that children will be made safe.  And we pray for the rescue of those who are currently trapped and that someday, survivors, like Joseph, will see God's hand intervene in lives, that He will redeem the pain they have endured, and bring them to complete healing.

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