Wednesday, August 15, 2012

thought for today...Trust.

This is a perfect scripture to meditate on when life does not make sense.  When we first arrived in Belize we knew we were supposed to be here but we wondered why we had to leave Russia.  Our understanding was limited.  We had to trust...wholeheartedly.  We had to keep taking the next indicated step and wait for it all to make sense.

We had AA Big Books and some Al Anon literature donated for meetings here in Belmopan.  The plan was to get those meetings going as soon as we returned from our time in the states back in July.  Tom started looking for a location where the meetings could be held here but was running into a few obstacles. 

On our get away to San Pedro we met up with a guy who is active in AA there on the island.  He connected Tom with the AA people here who do Spanish speaking meetings.  They were looking for someone to help with an English speaking meeting!  I am looking forward to getting together with their wives later on this week to start Al Anon.

Trusting in God has led to many divine encounters like this one.  We trust, we leave the details to Him and He straightens it all out!

So how has He made your paths straight?

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  1. So true, too often people forget to trust in God and believe in what is happening is with his will. I can't list all the many ways he has guided me and made things better in my life even when I had doubts on what is happening.

  2. Great verse for me today!! My husband and I moved recently and I need to acknowledge all His ways!!

  3. Perfect word for today. Lord increase my trust and faith in you. Thank you for a great word :)

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM

    When I lean on my own understanding I become a basket case!