Thursday, November 01, 2012

22 more days to go!

78 days ago I embarked on this challenge.  It is so weird to even say that number.  I have reached the point where the total number of days I have gone out to walk far outnumber the days I have left to go!  And I am shocked that I made it this far.  And to be honest none of the people that I began the challenge with were able to keep going.

I could have dropped out too.  But, I kept thinking that I would hang in there for as many days as I could until something got in the way.  I thought the weather would do it...but so far I have only walked in the rain three times...and this is the rainy season.  I thought maybe having guests or conferences would interfere but I was still able to get out there.

Perhaps it's because of the heaviness of our work load.  The things we hear in the counseling office are oftentimes overwhelming.  When I go out to walk I can leave all the stress out there.  As I lace up my shoes and then walk out the door I feel a lightness come over me.  If I am in a bad mood I know that walking will lift it.  If it's been a great day then the walk feels like the icing on the cake.  If I don't feel well physically walking relieves the pain.

I cannot imagine giving up this habit.  It has changed the way I feel, think, and look.  It has given me an inner confidence, shown me that I can accomplish a goal if I set my mind to it, and filled me with peace.   And for all of that I am so grateful.  22 more days to go!

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  1. Oh wow Aleta...that is wonderful. Congrats on your new lifestyle!