Monday, November 12, 2012

the gift Genograms...


For the past six Saturdays 12 students have met weekly for the fourth semester of the Christian Counseling Class that Tom is teaching at Belize Bible Center.  This past Saturday we took our final exam.  After the exam was over there were three students who chose to do an extra credit project called a Genogram.

I chose not to take photos of the presentations because it felt too intrusive to do so.  These students were sharing difficult and private things about their families and it was evident that this was more than just another was major step in their growth process.

The presenters came from three different people groups here in Belize and yet as we listened to each speaker common threads emerged.  They were each putting together family puzzles, uncovering patterns, evaluating what it all means, and determining that they will be the change-maker in their was inspiring, amazing, and humbling to hear their stories.  I am grateful that I was in the room to share in those historic moments with each one of them.

As I continue to count the gifts that God has placed in our lives I will surely ponder that precious class time and treasure it in my heart.

1041.  students who give up their Saturday mornings
1042.  Tom being able to use his gifts of experience and knowledge to train others
1043.  being one of the 12 students
1044.  our time of fellowship when the exams and presentations were over!

Morality Matters
1045.  Amy returning to Belize to teach Morality Matters again for CDF
1046.  and the participants who was great to see so many men in attendance

Pastor Han
1047.  Pastor Han's message from Mark 11.  Exhorting us to be like the colt...bearing burdens in service to the Lord where and when we are needed.
1048.  learning two new worship songs before the service began today.
1049.  eating, laughing, and hanging out as a church family after the worship service.  

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