Monday, November 05, 2012

the gift of Facebook statuses...

How many of your Facebook friends are using their statuses to express what they are grateful for? 

A number of my friends are doing it.  And their thanksgivings are such a joy to read.  Of course we all know that giving thanks does not have to be limited to month of November.  It can become a way of life.  Taking time to value the love gifts that God brings into our lives on a daily basis can transform the way we think.  It can breathe life into the spiritually stagnant areas of the heart. 

What are the treasures of daily life?  It can be something as simple as the laughter of a child, or the first taste of morning coffee (tea for me), or even your favorite song coming on the radio as you start the car.  It doesn't have to be a major event.  Sometimes the simpler the better. 

In the treasure box of this week I found:

1023.  the joy of having the DTS team from YWAM Banana Bank in our home.
1024.  cooking borscht for them and watching two large pots of soup, two and a half loaves of bread, two containers of sour cream, and three dozen cookies disappear.
1025.  sounds of hysterical laughter as we played games before dinner.
1026.  listening to them as they tried to learn a few Russian phrases.
1027.  the delight on Spencer's face as he shared our Russian experiences with his friends.
1028.  being able to order some gluten free cookies from a friend who was raising funds to help with a little girl's cancer treatments.
1029.  a counseling client expressing a desire to work specifically with me on a few issues.
1030.  being trusted with deep and painful memories in our counseling office.
1031.  new found confidence that comes from conquering all the excuses that I held dear as to why I couldn't possibly exercise everyday.
1032.  our supportive and loving church family.
1033.  seeing the progress being made on the church building project.
1034.  singing again
1035.  each moment we get to spend with having Meesha and Spencer here with us.
1036.  prayer time with the CDF team.
1037. 12 faithful students in Tom's counseling class at Belize Bible Center.
1038.  watching the teams on the Amazing Race find their way around sites in Istanbul.
1039.  looking back fondly on our time of being stranded in Istanbul as we waited for news on our Russian visas and realizing that it was a once in a lifetime gift.
1040.  knowing for certain that God closing the doors for us in Russia opened doors for us here in Belize.

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  1. #1040 speaks to me because God always has a plan for us when we least expect it! So glad you are continuing counting your gifts!!

  2. What a great idea! And a much more productive use of FB than we often see!!