Tuesday, November 06, 2012

mmm tasty...the juice chronicles!

Since our arrival to Belize two years ago we have tried a variety of fresh juices...

Papaya juice

Orange juice

Lime juice

Pitaya, the darker color, and watermelon

Pitaya, or dragonfruit as it is more commonly known, is considered a superfruit and supposedly has many health benefits.  It does not have much of a taste though.  For me it was like drinking purple koolaid that didn't have enough sugar mixed in.

Mangerine juice, a cross between tangerine and grapefruit

The mangerine juice was interesting...our waiter described the taste as a 'manly tangerine'.  And it was! 

When you come to Belize be sure to ask what fresh juices they have available and take a chance on something new.


  1. I would LOVE to try all those juices! Your pics are fantastic!

  2. Delicious!! You're making me thirsty :-)