Friday, February 09, 2007

beth moore and anna nicole

Two women completely unrelated surprised me on Friday. I woke up and got online only to find out that Anna Nicole Smith was dead. Knowing that she was only 39 years old and had a baby girl the same age as my neighbors daughter that I spend so much time with knocked the wind out of me.

During the same internet session I had logged onto someones blog and discovered that Beth Moore has a blog. Reading her and her daughter's posts about Anna Nicole helped me make sense out of how I felt. I did feel Anna's brokenness. Tom and I have discussed some of her emotional wounds. I see young women here and am reminded that women around the globe are using their bodies to give them a sense of power. These young ladies end up showing the world how vulnerable they are instead. Like Beth Moore said in her post:

"Anna Nicole Smith publicly fought and lost the same battle of insecurity that you and I privately fight. Had we had money, access, and opportunity, no telling what lengths we might have traveled to feel a little better about our broken selves. "

I pray for all the Anna Nicole's here in Russia and around the world. She made the news here today... how many young girls are yearning to look like her or be famous like her and will go to any lengths to try and get it? There has to be a better way to fill the hole in the souls of these women. May all who seek come to find the One who can make us whole!


  1. We were definitely on the same wavelength today huh? I thought what Beth Moore said about Anna Nicole Smith was very understanding too. It gave me a good chance to talk to my daughter about it too....about self worth, making bad choices, losing control, etc etc.....{{hugs}}

  2. what a great opportunity that was to have that conversation with your daughter!