Friday, February 16, 2007

packing and cleaning

Today was not much fun... we were cleaning and packing and packing and cleaning. Goar and Katya are coming over on Saturday to check out the apartment. They will live here and take care of the place while we are gone for a few months. Goar is one of our teachers and Katya is the former roommate of another teacher... plus she is a househelper for Tim and Joy so it feels safe to us to have these young women stay in our home. They need to learn things like; how to use the washing machine and how to turn on the TV and DVD player.

Spencer's room is all cleaned out. He has changed his furniture around and it looks a lot bigger than before. Nathan gave a piece of furniture from his room over to Spencer and now Nathan's room looks bigger too.

Tom and I have Nathan's boxes in our room. The guys worked again today to pack and weigh boxes. The plan is to pack his boxes in our suitcases to bring Nathan's stuff back to America.

The reality is setting in for each of us that we are actually leaving next week and it feels as if there is so much to be done!

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