Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Court Rejects Russian Schoolgirls’ Lawsuit Against Darwin Theory


A Russian court on Wednesday threw out a lawsuit brought by a 16-year-old student who said that being taught the theory of evolution in school violated her rights and insulted her religious beliefs, the Associated Press news agency reports.

Kirill Shreiber, whose daughter Maria’s complaint had prompted the suit in December, said he had expected the decision by the St. Petersburg’s Admiralty District Court, and promised to appeal the decision.

“Our task remains the same: to dethrone Darwin’s theory. People should not eternally believe in the complete nonsense of Darwinism,” Shreiber told The Associated Press. “Man is the result of God’s creation, and many scientists share this point of view.”

The court judge announced the verdict in a short hearing, and said an explanation for the ruling would be released later.

Maria Shreiber claimed the 10th-grade biology textbook used at the Cervantes Gymnasium was offensive to believers and that teachers should offer an alternative to Darwin’s famous theory. Her father told the AP that she dropped out of school at the beginning of January, after receiving low grades that he blamed on teachers who were prejudiced against her.

She now works in the Dominican Republic at a tourist company he declined to identify.

The suit was the first of its kind in Russia.

In the United States, several lawsuits have been filed challenging Charles Darwin’s theory that says humans descended from apes. Many anti-evolution groups have pushed an idea known as “intelligent design,” which states that living organisms are so complex they must have been created by some kind of higher force.

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