Sunday, February 18, 2007


Imagine sitting through a two hour service entirely in Russian when the only words you know how to say are "thank you" and "hello". Two years ago when we first arrived we needed a translator with us everywhere we went.

*Today in church the songs, the prayer requests and the sermon were all understood. Yes, we still have words that we make note of to look up after the service... that will always happen.

*Spencer gave a birthday card to Valentin and he wrote out the greeting himself in Russian.

* Nathan had a friend pass him a note about his going away party he was able to write back and forth in Russian... hmmm, I am giving him a compliment regarding something he should not have been doing!

Thank God for how far we have come over the course of two years!


  1. it's amazing what you can learn in two years... i always imagine that i am too old to learn another language but probably i'm just too lazy.

  2. when you are an adult learner there are challenges... but then when you have to speak the language to get your needs met, you get it done! I like being able to speak in the market and not just point and say please! (LOL) otherwise I would take the lazy way out and hire an interpretor!