Wednesday, February 28, 2007

keeping in touch

I have written before about the joy of email. Today I was excited to hear from Zhenya. She oversees the Women's Department at the BLTC. It was great to hear from her and feel connected to the women there in Krasnodar while we are away for a bit. It is interesting that while in Russia, Zhenya and I communicate in Russian. My Juno account won't accept Russian letters so I have to write in English... thankfully, Zhenya is fluent in English!

Please pray for the upcoming session in April... I know that the women who will attend are going to be blessed and will bond even more with one another.

Spencer and I went out to find a "pay as you go" phone. We found several at Walmart and then started thinking of how we could have a cell phone here in the states and still say money. We decided to check out buying a SIM card for my Russian cell phone. As long as you have an "unlocked" cell phone it should work anywhere you travel. At Cingular the SIM card was free and all I had to pay for was the minutes.

Now I need to go to Radio Shack and see about a converter to be able to plug in my phone charger... it has a European outlet!

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