Thursday, February 01, 2007

giving directions

Today there was a women’s luncheon for students from the language school. The women have been getting together once a month since last year. This luncheon was the last time that Ann would be there. Ann and I decided that if it were going to take two buses to get there we would share a taxi.

My job was to have a taxi pick me up, go to her house and finally to the restaurant. I know there is a motion verb “to pick up” or “to stop by”. I could not find exactly what I was looking for in our 501 Verb Book. I decided to explain to him what I needed to do. I told the driver that I needed to meet my friend at her house first and then go to a restaurant. I gave him Ann’s address and we took off. When we got to Ann’s building, he asked me which entrance. I answered him using a feminine ending for “second” and I should have used a masculine ending because the word for entrance is masculine. I corrected myself and then apologized to him for my Russian. He told me that he did not speak any English at all. He assured me that no matter what I wanted to say to him as long as it was in Russian he would understand! And he did. We did not have the exact address for the restaurant but knew about where it was. We made one wrong turn and had to double back but we got there.

I appreciate that the people we meet here are grateful that we try to speak in Russian with them even when it is not perfect. Every now and then, you might get an impatience cashier but for the most part people are patient and understanding.

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