Monday, March 26, 2007

check this out!

I took Spencer over to visit his friend Kaz in our old neighborhood. While he was at Kaz's house I checked out the Family Christian Bookstore in the area. When another woman behind the counter heard me tell the girl who was waiting on me that I didn't want to fill out a club card application "because I live in Russia", it led to her asking me questions in Russian. I got to practice there in the store! She has been to Moscow for short term trips. She took one of our prayer cards and then prayed with me right there in the store. That is the first time that has ever happened. Usually people will say that they are going to pray for you and then you smile and leave. She grabbed my hand and said "let's pray right now!" Thanks so much Jodi for encouraging my soul today!

We found an internet cafe not far from where we used to live. I saw a comment from Michelle on on my blog and decided to check out a post she wrote in honor of Spencer: click here She has listed ways to know if you are a missionary kid. The list is priceless. I love the one about spelling... Spencer spells better in Russian than he does in English!


  1. Wow! How convicting. Next time I tell someone I will pray for him, I'll do it right then and there! Thanks for the post.

  2. That's wonderful! What a great memory for both of you!