Monday, March 05, 2007

if it's Monday

We must be in Dallas! Don't know if we will see much of the city. We have meetings to attend all afternoon and evening. And tomorrow will be the same.

If we get a chance we may go to a movie... we have not been to a theatre to see a movie in English for 2 years! We saw things like Madagascar, The Island, and Chronicles of Narnia in Russian. So to watch in English will be a major treat!


  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Go see Amazing Grace!

  2. Happy travels! Glad that you guys are enjoying the journey, and maybe some good quality time together without kids.

  3. We lived in Germany for four years and I remember this- It was weird when we came back EVERYTHING was in English, and we could understand it all!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog as you party hopped.

    I perused your website -fascintating. How wonderful that God is using you in Russia. My daughter was there a few years ago to do mission work at a youth sports camp. She spent a month there and led one girl to Christ. It was pretty awesome. I sent your website address to her.

  5. groovyoldlady-
    thanks for passing on my blog address to your daughter. We love working with Russians...they are so wonderful to be with!

    I am so glad that someone can relate!

    we are having a great time with our friends

    that movie is on our list!