Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tom Bean

Wow! It has been great to see our friends again.

They have another dog. Last time we were here they had Skip and Angel. Now they have added Sparky... he was homeless and they took him in. Tom, Paul, Hailey and I were hanging out in the family room watching the Food Network after church and we had all the dogs at our feet or angling for a seat on the couch!

The service today was great. It was overwhelming to sing worship songs in English. I think I cried more than I sang! We are still having difficulty making decisions in stores. We went with Paul after church to pick up some food for lunch... just deciding on side dishes for the fried chicken was draining.

We are going back to church for a prayer meeting. Kim, a nurse, has to work this week so we only saw her at church this morning for a short while. Tyler and Spencer went to the youth meeting after the first service while Luke and Hailey attended the second service while we shopped for lunch.

We met with most of the elders at church this morning and got the chance to speak with a couple who adopted two boys from Russia. They are now a family of seven!

We are driving into Dallas for some meetings tomorrow and Spencer is planning to hang out here in Tom Bean while we are gone.


  1. Hi! Came over from 'Stop the Ride!'- Welcome to Texas! It looks as though your family has a very interesting life and I look forward to getting to know more later, right now the children want dinner...

  2. what a wonderful site you have! And re: Russia I'm jealous! I am hoping one day to make it there to help in the orphanages.. it's always in my prayers!

    ~Party favor hostess @ the 160
    ~ Just following the Ultimate Party Trail

  3. Hi, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I bookmarked your blog. I'm going to try to read some back posts. We have many Russian immigrants living near us here in Germany. Many greetings!

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) Party on! I haven't had time to read many of your posts yet but I shall a bit later on when I'm taking a break from my studying. Isn't it great when you attend a meeting where you feel so overwhelmed and close to God that all you can do is cry out to Him in thanks of what He has done? :-) I'm sure we'll speak again soon! God bless x

  5. Great to "meet" you! Blog Party on! I like to knit too, I just don't do it as often as I'd like any more being a busy mom and a writer too... Have a peaceful, blessed day!