Friday, March 16, 2007

CookBook Search

I found this one in New Mexico

and I found this one here in Texas at Sams for a great price!

Before we left New Mexico I spent time with Mom looking through her cookbooks and the Betty Crocker one looked very good to me so when I came upon it at Sams I decided to go for it!

The More-With-Less Cookbook was recommended by Debbie P. in Russia. I don't think I need to look for anymore cookbooks. Especially since there are other things on the list of "things to buy in America" and Tom says that most of our purchases will need to be mailed home so our suitcases are not overweight!


  1. Thought I'd drop by and say "hello!" It was nice to have you drop by my place. I hope you enjoy your time in the US.

  2. thanks for stopping by!