Monday, May 21, 2012

the gifts of a Sabbath rest and other blessings...

How often do you have a weekend that really feels like a Sabbath rest?  

There are times when our weekends fly by so fast it is hard to tell that we even had a break from the normal routine.  This weekend has been calm and relaxing and we truly needed that.  The ultimate treat for us is having a three day weekend.  With today being a holiday we get one more day to enjoy having Meesha and Spencer to chat with and hang out with.  Since she arrived on Friday we have driven out to see the Mennonite Community in Springfield, hiked at Guanacaste National Park and toured Jaguar Creek.  Today we will enjoy a little time down on the coast.  The sound of the waves truly sets my heart at ease and renews my spirit...and I always count that as a gift!

762.  building a friendship with Meesha in real life.
763.  chats that start after a 6pm dinner and end at a quarter til midnight.

764.  seeing a glimpse of how big our God is when looking at a Guanacaste tree!

765.  the colors from God's paintbrush continue to amaze 

766.  watching kids at play in the river

 767.  experiencing new dishes...

768.  a priceless cross from India for my collection

769.  literally having an elephant in the room!

770.  Indian spices

771.  an early start to the rainy season.
772.  Pastor Dan's message on prayer.
773.  friends who survived a car accident with no injuries on a rainy drive home down a Belizean highway
774.  starting a notebook to conjugate Spanish verbs.
775.  collecting memories in our home here in Belize.
776.  walking over to a seat at church with a little girl hugging onto my waist.
777.  treasuring memories made and lessons learned and storing them in my heart.
778.  the Embassy picnic.
779.  celebrating my birthday quietly with Tom
780.  feeling God's celebration and delight over me.

Gifts found in the Word: 
781.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God.  Romans 8:38-39
782.  Those who look to Him are never covered with shame.  Psalm 34:5
783.  He provides security for those who revere Him.  Psalm 34:7
784.  His eyes are on us.  Psalm 34:15
785.  His ears are attentive to us.  Psalm  34:15

 joining in with the gratitude community:


  1. How often do I have a weekend that feels like sabbath? Not often enough :) Enjoy your holiday.

  2. I just said this past weekend was one of the first weekends that we felt like we really rested. We played in the yard, cooked outside and just enjoyed being together. I do wish we had more days like this! By the way...that cross is beautiful!

  3. Giving thanks with you! What a blessing rest is!

  4. That is the biggest tree hug ever! Beautiful photos and marvellous list!

  5. you inspired me to count my blessings too. So, maybe I will start doing the counting from my next blog. For theatr eason, I can really see God's hands in every area of my life:) Thank you for the beautiful pictures and GOd's words.

  6. I need this one today 785. His ears are attentive to us. Psalm 34:15 Thank you!

  7. Blessings....
    Lord have mercy what a huge tree! wow I wish I were there to take a photograph. thanks for sharing.

    stay blessed

  8. Alida, you always find such beauty and blessing in the world around you making you a blessing and gift to me. :) I especially enjoyed your gifts from the Bible. What a rich way to build your life on His Word!