Monday, August 15, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Some of the most fascinating sights here in Belize are the people and a few of my favorite things were spotted as I was fully engaged in people watching.   All of these photos came from a wedding we attended not long ago.  Enjoy!




Darling little girls


Braided Hair

So what do you look for when you people watch?


  1. Shoes! Those are some of my favorite things too! I also love the nail art and the braids! People watching is one of my all time guilty pleasures... I find it interesting what you see, when you take the time to stop and have a look-see ;)

  2. I watch for emotions. I'm a photographer, so I love the candid moments. The ones where a couple or anyone doesn't think someone is watching.

    You'll catch people doing some sweet things or some really weird things.

    It sounds like there is a colorful group that lives in Belize! I would love to go visit sometime or just anywhere around the world. :)

  3. Ahh, lot's of pampering on here, I see! I love a good mani/pedi!
    I am starting a blog hop called "Friday Favorites," and it's bascially going to be similar to this post, but with a new "favorite" topic each week. I can't wait! :)

  4. Love the picture of the little girl!! I want her hair!! And the red/black shoes are not bad either!

  5. Wow Alida... I hope my wife doesn't see your site today... She's all about the shoes! :-)

    I like to seek out expressive faces in my people watching. Whether it's deep, thoughtful wrinkles or bright, shining eyes, the nuances that God uses to distinguish us from each other never ceases to amaze me.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. hmmm depends on my mood, and who the person is. But mostly I watch body language...

  7. Lovely photos. I love your favorite things! The little girl is adorable with those big eyes. I love jazzy pedicures the most though. There's just something about having a bright and bold pedi!!

  8. the little girl is precious!

    i don't know exactly what i look for when i people watch ... all i know is that i can find myself doing it, haha. but i notice that i do like to see people with their friends ... especially when they are laughing because i would love to know what they are laughing about, haha.

  9. People watching is my ALL time favorite thing to do...I believe that's why I feel at home at ANY Starbucks I visit.

  10. I usually look at what people are wearing when I people watch. If they look good or not. And I try to guess what their life is like, that is my favourite.

    Those shoes are crazy, no way I could walk in them!!! xx