Monday, August 22, 2011

What is in the news in Belize?

We were!!

Our time in Orange Walk Town this weekend was incredible!  I cannot find the video but here is a link to the transcript of two of three interviews>> CDF Holds National Youth Rally

The news cameras showed up near the end of the rally while Pastor Antoinette, a local pastor, was leading the youth in a purity pledge.  They even filmed Tom, Patrice and I handing out New Testaments. As people were clearing out they interviewed Jadine, a CDF board member, along with Patrick and Esmerelda, members of the drama team from Mt Hope. We had 130 youth show up and some parents too.

The program began with prayer and then the Belizean national anthem followed by several performances from the youth group that went up with us from Mt Hope Church in Unitedville. We had worship and then I gave my testimony, followed by Patrice, a volunteer, giving a talk on who CDF is and what we do.  After lunch we split the large group into three small groups.  Jadine took the kids under 12 and she taught them about personal safety.  Patrice, took the parents and taught them how to talk with their kids to protect them from abuse or exploitation.  And Tom and I, had the largest group, ages 12-18+, and we took turns teaching about the emotional, psychological and spiritual effects of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.  It was an awesome day!

Getting ready to start
Youth from Mt. Hope performing a rap song

Drama team from Mt. Hope
Late comers in the bleachers


Belizean flag

Break time
Signing in

Everyone was given lunch 
Pastor Antoinette
New Testaments to be handed out
Patrick being interviewed

We had to cancel the Saturday event because of Tropical Storm Harvey coming through.  The plan is to reschedule so that we can go back and do a presentation to the community and the surrounding churches.  Parents were very receptive to our message and the teens were engaged all throughout the day.  We hope that word of mouth along with the story making the news will draw out even more people when we go back.

Thanks for all of your prayers!


  1. sounds like an amazing day, Alida!

    So, glad to see how God is using you!

  2. We had our missionaries from Malawi at our church on Sunday. They have been in service there for 19 years!! Their 3 children have grown up outside of Canada. The youngest asked if it was okay to drink the water from the tap. Oh, the little things we take for granted every day. It was amazing to hear their testimony of all the things that God is doing in Africa. They have so little there, and yet he showed us a video of their worship service, and here they were just giving praise and thanks to God for what they did have. What a blessing!
    At the end of the service we spent some time praying for those who answer the call to serve the Lord.....naturally I said a prayer for you guys! God Bless and Keep you!

  3. It sounds like a wonderfully successful and Blessed event Alida... Such a powerful message you brought to those young people!

    Thank you so much for all you do!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  4. you are amazing! you are doing such incredible work ... God truly bless you!

  5. Very cool stuff, my friend!