Monday, August 08, 2011

Reading vs Reality TV

I saw this photo in my Google+ stream and cracked up laughing.

And then I saw this one and it was not quite as funny to me. 

I already confessed to enjoying reality tv so this second photo hit me in a different way.   I was slightly offended.  I mean, come on, I read.  My books are not jumping off of the shelves in protest when I watch Food Network Star or Amazing Race.  My Kindle for PC downloads and the hard copies of books that I own are all doing quite well.  They are not neglected one bit.

Reading challenges me, it makes me think,  it enlarges my vocabulary and enriches my spirit.  When I sit down to watch Food Network Star I get inspired by the creativity I see with food.  When I watch Amazing Race sometimes I see glimpses of places we have been or places I desire to learn more about.  I see people stepping out of their comfort zones to take on challenges that leave me speechless.  Watching these types of shows is a relaxing escape.

I agree that reading can take you away and give you an escape too.  I still get caught up in a good book now and then that I cannot put down until the wee hours of the morning.  As a child I climbed the tree in our front yard with a book and spent long summer days traveling all around the world while resting in that tree.

So lighten up book snobs.  There is plenty of room in our lives and in this world to enjoy some of what reality tv has to offer and still keep our books happy.  uh oh...I think a few of my books might be making a run for it!


  1. Maybe their coming to my house, lol :D I like reading and reality tv too. And as I'm having a lunch break, I'm watching House Hunters on HGTV {which happened to be a couple looking for a vacation spot in Belize!} I don't think a book could do justice to all the beautiful scenery and island life featured. They mentioned the Corizal District {sp?}...not sure if that's near you.

  2. LOL... Thank you so much for the smile Alida. I agree, there's nothing wrong with a little lighter entertainment along with a good book (or THE Good Book) now and again. :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Chandra- the Corozal District is north of us...we have not made it there yet. I have seen that episode of House Hunters and that is a beautiful area!

  4. Alida, I watch some reality TV and I also read books, like you and so many others.
    I do know of many people who feel that any TV is a waste of time for them but I don't think they are trying to offend the one's who do watch TV. It's probably just the "different strokes thing."
    But the concept of the picture of the books falling off the shelf and committing suicide makes me laugh too. Thanks for posting it.

  5. hahahaha, too funny! all my books have committed suicide then!

  6. There are some goofy shows out there . . . but I love a nice balance of books and good shows.


  7. There is definitely something about Jersey Shore - but I watch things like Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen etc so I like Reality TV as much as I complain about it. I think there are some programmes that just aren't worth the effort - like JS.