Friday, March 02, 2012

Guess who's coming to Belize?

 HRH Prince Harry!

He is flying in today and he leaves tomorrow.  

He will be in our neighborhood, just a few streets over from where our house is located, to dedicate and rename a street in the Queen's honor as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebration.  The road that leads to the area we live in is getting a facelift for the festivities. 

We were hoping that the whole neighborhood would get paved but that didn't happen.  But they are putting up fencing, a platform for the ceremony was built, the bottoms of the trees have been painted white, the median has been trimmed in a bright yellow and all the lines on the street have been repainted.   They will be shutting down the street around noon to car traffic.  People will be lining up around 4pm to get a glimpse of the prince at the dedication ceremony which begins at 6pm. 

We are excited to be here for this celebration and are hoping to get lots of pictures to share with you next week.  And from now on if you want to come and visit us you will have to drive down HM Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard before you get to our street!


  1. YAY! Prince Harry! :)Hope you gets lots of good pics! Wave hello to him from me lol! :)

  2. proving that for some people, it is true that "someday, my Prince will come..."

    Looking forward to some pics!

  3. How fun! He's probably my favorite royal because he seems so anti-royal, ya know? I know he's a "bad boy" but I just can't help liking him. :)

  4. I heard he is really interesting in doing his job - fighting in the war! Sandie

  5. Hope you get to see him! What fun.

  6. Blessings....
    I hope it does some good and is more than a point and look show.

    stay blessed
    have a joyous weekend

  7. wow..a prince...somebodys dream come true!!
    exciting for the community!!

  8. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Wow! How neat!