Monday, March 05, 2012

Prince Harry's visit and counting the gifts...

Prince Harry has come and gone.  

I had to take these shots over the heads of a few people as I stood on my tip toes a few feet away.  I even manged to get a quick video of him as well.   The initial spot where we chose to stand was soon found by several international journalists who crowded around the prince making it difficult for anyone to get a clear photo but them.  The crowd near us screamed angrily at the photographers to get out of the way so they could just get a glimpse of the prince.  It is a miracle there was not a stampede or an altercation with the press. 

Early in the afternoon I had walked over to see how the workers were doing with the set up for the prince's visit and this is what I found:

the street was closed off

the trees and the median were touched up earlier in the week

but the fences for the crowd to stand behind were still being set up

vendors were getting set up and some people were out there cooking already

the media area was ready to go

the press stand was set up

lights were being put in place

chairs were avilable for a chosen few

the new street sign was in place

We have a lot of great memories of the event.  And we are truly grateful we got to participate in this history making event for Belize.  This was not only Prince Harry's first visit to Belize but his first time on an official tour of the Caribbean for the Queen.

536.  the beauty of these little Garifuna girls.

537. children posing for their parents

537.  beautiful costumes on beautiful ladies

538.  cute little couple dancing for the crowd

539.   Tom being willing to stand and wait with me for two hours before the prince showed up

540.  Our neighborhood street being chosen for this honor
541.   Tom being interviewed by a reporter from ABC New York.
542.   Seeing our neighbors and sharing this exciting night together.
543.   Getting a few good close up shots of Prince Harry.
544.   Having the YWAM crowd with us and sharing my photos with them.
545.   Enjoying the food and the street party afterwards.
546.   Spencer speaking at church about DTS (Discipleship Training School)
547.   The Chinese people in our church beaming as Spencer greeted the crowd in Mandarin.
548.   Hearing testimonies from several students visiting from the University of Florida.
549.   The creativity of their dramas and dances.
550.   Their college pastor giving today's sermon.
551.   Spending Sunday afternoon with a good book while Tom watched a few NBA games.
552.   Cool refreshing rain and wind.
553.   The sun coming out and fresh smelling laundry on the line.
554.   Finding Tootsie Rolls at the supermarket.
555.   Having enough food available when an unexpected guest shows up for lunch.
556.   Spencer's friends feeling so comfortable in our home. 

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  1. What an exciting time!! Your photos are beautiful and the people in their costumes are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for letting us share a glimpse of Prince Harry's visit!

    1. It was very is still on everyone's minds here!

  2. I love how intently Prince Harry is listening to the other fellow. It makes me smile. :)

    1. He was so attentive each time someone spoke to him...he really seemed very down to earth.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Lovely shots Alida! Looks like it was a special time and you all enjoyed it a lot.

  4. How exciting! Instantly thought about you when I heard he was in Belize! The last shot of him is awesome!!

  5. How cool is that?!? And your photography is amazing! Loved all the shots:D

  6. so exciting! he looks handsome!

  7. How cool ... that Harry is a cutie.


  8. Yes, what they all said. :) Wonderful photos, very cool, beautiful people, cute prince, etc. etc. How exciting!

  9. How cool was that? I heard he was there on the news. He is supposed to be very personable. sandie

  10. What a wonderful experience.

    1. agree, wonderful shots. you did very well

  11. How exciting this all must have been and how fortunate you were there to witness this! And imagine -- finding Tootsie Rolls in the market. :)

  12. This is incredible. Thank you for sharing and capturing the moment. I live in the UK and chances of us seeing the royal family (well, in my neck of woods) is pretty slim.

  13. I am so jealous of you right now for hanging out so close to prince Harry. Love the pics.