Friday, March 23, 2012

My cross broke

Now, I realize that there may be a great spiritual application to the title of this post... but today... it really is about a craft item and not about my walk with the Lord. 

It is a simple styrofoam form covered with twine and embellished with a charm from an old necklace.  But, I made it was special to me.  I had it on my dresser because I was still deciding where the best place would be to display my creation.  One morning I knocked it over.  And it broke.  

At first I couldn't decide how to make the needed repairs..   I mean, I didn't have a lot of experience with styrofoam.  My first thought was to heat up my glue gun and see what I could do.


Tom suggested using toothpicks to reinforce the area before I glued it back together.

and it worked out perfectly!
I am so glad to have him on my team!


  1. And it looks brand new. Two is better than one. Now I am pondering the spiritual application in this :)

  2. how creative and symbolic! and what an awesome partner indeed!

  3. I love your craft project and's nice to have someone around who can help you fix things!