Sunday, April 23, 2006


Talitha knows how to curl her tongue and she is only two! She is such a pretty little angel and it was great to see her and her parents at church today.

As we sat through the service I was reminiscing about last year's Easter Service. We had a translator and then she also came over to Tim and Joy's and translated for us there too. this year we were able to sit through the service and understand a great deal of what was being said.

We have had Valodya as our pastor for a year. His voice is clear and he articulates well. I am amazed at how much we have learned from him and seen him grow. He is now learning English and he truly understands those of us who are trying to learn a second language later in life!

This is how we greet each other:
Иисус воскрес! Christ has risen
во истину воскрес! In Truth He is Risen

Last year we could not say this phrase at all nor remember it. This year I was able to ask Valentin in Russian how to respond. He got excited and said it slowly. Then I repeated it and we greeted each other properly! It was fun to see the faces of our church family when we were able to return the greeting. We truly feel at home here. And are grateful for where God has placed us! Posted by Picasa

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