Sunday, April 30, 2006

One year!

We have been here one full year now. And next week we will have our first guest from the states.

Since we got here:
*our Russian studies began
*we have moved three times
*we had to spend a month in Ukraine waiting on visa renewal
*Tom had surgery on his foot
*Nathan turned 18
*we have all been doing social work here in the city
*we have developed relationships with people in and outside of church
*Tom has relationships with people in the business communtiy through his bead work
*we have focused on deepening relationships with Russian friends
*we no longer use an interpretor at church
*we have learned how to use public transportation to get all over the city
*we have strengthed our relationships with each other in the family

And so much more... each day is an adventure in cultural awareness. We are grateful for everyone who has supported us in prayer, with care packages, and financially. Without everyone partnering with us we could not do what we are doing!

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