Monday, November 27, 2006

Banquet invitations!

Tom designed and made our invitations. He made the beads for each one and the photo was taken by Spencer last year before I got my hair cut!

front of invitation

inside invitation

We had to cut back the guest list to only 50 people. This was very difficult as we have gotten to know many people since moving here. But, we have to stick to the budget for the cost of the dinner.

I met with the caterer on Thanksgiving Day... it is not a holiday here so she was working. And I picked up some decorations from Maj-Lis. She has table cloths and materials for curtains in a large variety of colors. I was able to find the burgundy that I like and now all I need is silver ribbon to decorate the columns at church. It feels like everything is coming together!


  1. Well, I have missed a lot of your blogging! For some reasons was not picking up the updates. Looks like a lot of cool stuff happening!

  2. I love that photo of you guys! The invites look great. Wish we were there...