Saturday, November 25, 2006

lost and found

Tom and I are going through 25 years worth of photographs. Trying to decide what to put in a slide show for our banquet is a major undertaking. Both of us found other items along the way.

I found a CD that Nathan thought Michelle had taken back to Canada with her by mistake. I also found some jewelry that I had been looking for and some belts.

Finally after searching through all of the boxes that had not been unpacked since we moved here to Russia I found our wedding photos. And guess where they were?

That's right "the Last place I looked!"

One of the things Tom realized as we have looked at family photos is how happy we all are. We have pictures of people being tickled, people laughing, riding on roller coasters and so on. We have had fun over the course of 25 years. And we hope to have a lot more fun in the years to come.

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