Friday, November 24, 2006

A First for Spencer

The first time I rode in a taxi by myself
by Spencer Sharp

Daddy and Nathan were sick today and I needed to go to a party at the Watsons. I didn't really know how to get there by bus so I had to take a taxi alone because my mom was already at the party. So anyways, I asked the taxi driver if he "was available" and he said "yes, of course" and he asked where we were going and I gave him the street address. Then I got into the taxi and sat on the left side behind the driver.

As we were going there was a checkpoint we had to go through where the police were stopping people. As soon as we stopped I felt fear because I remembered that I had my pocket knife in my right pocket. And thought that might be a problem if I was asked to get out and was searched. Luckily, the police just asked to see the driver's official documents. The driver was allowed to go without paying a fine because all of his documents were legit. While we were searching for the Watson's house we passed Car World and we found the address and he asked me if that was correct and I told him I thought so. And he waited to leave until I was inside. The taxi driver was polite to me even though I am a teenager and the ride was only 60 rubles (about $2.40) which wasn't bad.

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