Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hey Lady!

As I was walking home from the supermarket today I heard a woman behind me yelling “zhenshina!” “zhenshina!” That means 'woman' or 'lady' in Russian. When she first said it, I thought, “What woman is she talking about?” And when I turned around, I realized it was me! I had dropped one of my leather gloves. She was standing there holding her bags of groceries concerned about me coming back for my glove. Tom said that she saved me the price of a new pair. I would not have noticed until I wanted to put them on that one was missing.

Alexei stopped by tonight to ask questions about our anniversary banquet. He wanted to know what we want to happen that night and how long it should last. I told him I was scared of what might take place that night. I don’t normally like surprises. The good thing is that Alexei doesn’t either!

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