Monday, April 28, 2008

христос воскрес!!!

во истину воскрес!!!

He is risen... He is risen indeed!

We stayed up late on Saturday to watch the services from the Orthodox church in Moscow. The pageantry was awesome. Putin and his wife along with Medvedev and his wife were in attendance. I am amazed that people stood for hours as the service went on.

We started watching at 11pm. We were able to see the procession around the church by all of the priests and selected guests. There was a commentator who told stories about the service, the clothing and the symbolism. One of the things he mentioned that was fascinating to me was that the three top priests represented the Trinity. There were several candle abras with three candles... and the head priest wore three necklaces. The colors, sights and sounds from the service are imprinted in my head. We finally headed off to bed at 1am. They had just finished one part of the service and then all the priests went and changed robes and seemed to start all over again!

We got up and went to church on Sunday and it was truly a blessed day. Some of our non-christian friends that Tom invited to church actually showed up! We spent time with them after the service. He mentioned that at the Orthodox church he would have stood for hours holding a hot candle... while he could see that our God was kind by allowing us to sit down! He was also amazed at the number of young people especially the children. He brought his niece and his granddaughter with him. Please pray for him. He is still seeking, reading the Bible and asking Tom questions every week.

Our church did a huge luncheon out on the lawn. One of the men from Uzbekistan made Lamb pilaf. The lamb was slaughtered earlier in the week and then prepared on Saturday. There was so much food it was overwhelming. Easter eggs and Easter breads... there is so much here that is just beautiful!

Watching my friend's little boy with his Easter egg was a hoot! He dropped it in the dirt, wiped it off, licked it and then poked a hole in it with a stick! He is 18 months old!

I didn't feel well at all yesterday or today... I am in a fibromyalgia flare and barely got out of bed. I am grateful to have made it to church and disappointed that we were not able to attend a dinner that we had been invited to. I spent today in bed and right now tomorrow looks "iffy" as well. Please pray for me. I am scheduled to give my testimony to someone that I am mentoring on Wednesday. I worked on it a bit today with Sasha and we will finish writing it out tomorrow.

I wish I had photos to show from the Easter service. But all of them got deleted when we tried to load them. I cried for a few hours over that... I had such incredible photos!

Easter is by far my favorite holiday!


  1. Sounds like a service filled with symbolism.

    Celebrating Easter at the same time as the Jewish Passover makes sense to me. I wonder why the Western church started celebrating around the vernal equinox. I'm going to have to do some research.

  2. I'm not sure if my last comment made it through or not. I just mentioned I thought it made sense to celebrate Easter around the passover and wondered why the Western church started celebrating Easter around the vernal equinox.

    Too bad about the pictures.