Thursday, April 03, 2008

hanging with Spencer

Tonight while Tom was doing a counseling appointment here at the house, Spencer and I went walking down on Krasnaya, our main street here in Krasnodar.

I was glad that he invited me to go with him. I know that not every 17 year old young man is interested in hanging out with his mom!

I found the Miss Potter movie... about the life of Beatrix Potter and he found some industrial metal music.

Aren't we a pair!?


  1. I think I'd rather hang out with you and watch the Miss Potter movie. :)

    Do you have a VHS player? I'm ready part with several of my VHS movies and will be happy to send some your direction if you want them.

  2. I LOVE that movie!!! It is a beautiful movie!l Great choice.


  3. I can hardly wait to see the movie! We have a dinner to go to tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow!

  4. As they say, each to his own...

  5. you are right... to each his own!

    I enjoyed the movie today, normally I am not a Renee Zelweger fan but this movie was very different for her!